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2024 Men’s Invitational Final Results!

We couldn’t have scripted a better weekend on May 23-26, 2024, to host our Men’s Invitational. With a full field of teams, this year’s championship was a tremendous success. The “Invitational” is the most anticipated event on the Smithfields CC calendar, and this year’s event was one of the best ever.

2024 Mens Invitational

The Member/Guest team of Tim Pickel and Cliff Alexander were able to survive the “gauntlet” by outlasting the 8 other flight winners (plus the wild card qualifier) in the traditional “shoot-out”. The eventual winners had to outlast the other semi-finalist team of Will Spearman and Daniel Duncan to claim the Championship!

Flight 1:
1st – Will Spearman/Daniel Duncan
Tie 2nd – Jacob Burgess/Derek O’Neill, Kameron Merck/Trevor Phillips, Bob LaCombe/Geoff Osborne
MP – Bill Henderson/Marty White

Flight 2:
1st – Clarke Smithson/Ed Smithson
Tie 2nd – Stewart Kennemore/Shane Gardner, Nick Walker/Josh Gobel
MP – Tyler Huff/Dean Gosnell

Flight 3:
1st – Jeff Hawkins/Brandon Sheehan
2nd – Scott Phillips/Pat Keogan
MP – Kevin Kozak/Keith Studer

Flight 4:
1st – Tim Pickel/Cliff Alexander
2nd – Chad Coleman/Steve Scott
MP – Doug Dietz/Ron Clontz

Flight 5:
1st – Rick Brackett/Tommy Rogers
2nd – Derrick Thompson/Jay Page
MP – Parker Creasman/Matt Merritt

Flight 6:
1st – Scott Freeman/Mike Postich
2nd – Chris Callahan/Kyle Cuppernell
MP – Justin Coleman/Bryan Campbell

Flight 7:
1st – Jim Connor/Ryan Gaboriault
2nd – Steve Smale/Garrett Callahan
MP – Brady Lester/Zachary Hennigan

Flight 8:
1st – Matt Stroud/Houston Cassell
Tie 2nd – Tony Fandetti/John Ruoss, Michael Corso/Alex Phalen
MP – Brian Stone/John Whitener

Flight 9:
1st – Donnie Arnold/Jeremy Peterson
2nd – Tom Liddle/Aaron Smith
MP – Nick Benavides/AJj Michelotti